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4 reasons for solid carbide tools from DEPO



DEPO solid carbide tools convince through high quality. The carbide grades and coatings for our high-performance tools are carefully selected for a wide range of materials.



In the cylindrical and conical design, our tools are extremely stable, even in the small diameter range.



DEPO offers you a wide range of ball nose, flute, polygon, torus and trochoidal cutters in our standard solid carbide range.


Special design

In addition to our standard range, we offer you individually manufactured tools that we develop together with you.

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Solid carbide tools for the highest demands

Why solid carbide tools from DEPO?

After you have successfully completed the roughing work with DEPO insert tools, the fine and finishing work is done with the help of our high-precision solid carbide tools. Higher metal removal rates, achieved through higher cutting speeds, higher feed rates and less wear, are the reasons for using solid carbide tools over HSS in most cases.

With a carefully coordinated selection of fine-grained and ultra-fine-grained carbide grades, technically refined with the most powerful hard material coatings for metal cutting, both soft and hard cutting becomes an enduring pleasure. The time to the next tool change is extended and a uniform surface quality is achieved over large surface areas.

A wide range of spherical, toroidal, corner, flute and HFC milling cutters enables almost every machining case that occurs in practice, and with incomparable stability properties. In contrast to the cylindrically ground and thus unstable end mills widely used on the market, DEPO uses the predefined draft angles of the moulds and dies by conically adapting the working lengths of the tools to these angles. The resulting increase in stability becomes useful and visible in the form of higher cutting parameters and surface qualities. This advantage is particularly pronounced in the DEPO short-shank milling system, in which the tools are held in extremely stable holders under short clamping.

The solid carbide drill programme also convinces with above-average performance at drilling depths from 3xD to deep hole drilling with 40xD, internal coolant supply and smallest diameters from Ø 0.8 mm.

We are more than just your tool supplier. We offer you a holistic concept for your milling process.

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