Multiple strategies and functions for optimal results

With DEPOCAM, you optimise your machining processes and create process reliability in no time at all.

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DEPOCAM Functions

DEPOCAM offers you a comprehensive range of strategies and features to help you achieve optimal results.

2D curve editing

3+2 axis machining

Advanced 5-axis Toolpaths for Mould & Die Machining (5-axis Add-on Module)

Automatic conversion from 3-axis milling to 5-axis deflection milling (5-axis option)

Analytical function

Anti-vibration machining

Automatic bore detection

Adaptive roughing

Machining model of different levels

Machining models

Machining plan / production documentation

Limiting curves for area-based 5-axis strategies (5-axis option)

Calculation of helical paths

Area-wise concatenation of axially multiplied bitangent trajectories

Bitangent milling

Close bores

Plane roughing

Editing surfaces

Simple changes to the editing areas

Use of lollipop, dovetail and T-slot cutters (5-axis option)

Electrode milling

Expanded function pages for 5-axis avoidance milling (5-axis option)

Extraction of section curves in stages

Surface machining without limitation

Surface-related milling (5-axis option)

Milling flat areas

Inspect (for Heidenhain controls from TNC 426)

Core Level Areas

Core roughing


Copy Finishing and Vertical Copy Finishing

Copy finish roughing and zigzag roughing

Curves, lines and arcs

Curve editing

Guide cam milling


Machine simulation (option)

Model associativity

Multi-tasking skills and parallel computing

Zero offset

Offset and protective surfaces

Optimisation of feed rate

Folder management

Parallel bitangent milling

Parallel cuts (5-axis option)

Platform requirements



Radial machining

Control surfaces

Residual roughing

Shaft profile analysis for collision testing

Residual material processing

Residual material options

Finishing with constant-area infeed

Finishing corners with constant-area infeed

Simultaneous 5-axis milling (option)

Spiral machining

List, save and export transformations

Gear hobbing (5-axis option)

Tool library

Gear hobbing (5-axis option)Z-constant finishing/ use of surface contact angles

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