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4 Reasons for DEPOCAM



DEPOCAM offers you easily selectable and comprehensible machining strategies for milling in toolmaking, mould making, die making, prototype construction and general mechanical engineering.


Short induction

Our CAM software can be learned within 3 to 4 days. The DEPOCAM training takes place in our technology centre or on your premises.


Practical development

We know your problems and what your industry is concerned about. This enables us to develop modern, material-friendly and time-saving machining strategies.


1:1 Support

You can reach our application engineers and CAM experts directly – you don’t need a ticket number or a hotline. We take your questions seriously and find solutions to your problems.

Precision at the highest level


DEPOCAM is an innovative and easy-to-use CAM software. It helps you to convert complex 3D computer models (CAD) into real components on your milling machine. We are a CAM specialist from the very beginning. Our software is fast, simple, progressive and future-oriented. DEPOCAM can be used directly in the workshop or in the office.

DEPOCAM has many innovative features. It is suitable for all types of moulds and produces optimised, uniform cutter movement for HSM, while helping to extend tool life, minimise machine tool wear and produce parts with excellent surface finish.

DEPOCAM has a very user-friendly interface. A training period of two days is sufficient to machine a live job. It is perfect for high-speed machining of moulds, dies, prototypes and precision machining of surfaces.

Practical experience and knowledge of the most current problems in the industry have led to constant further development, including the most modern, material-saving and time-saving machining strategies, leading to CAM software for professional hoggers, which now also excels in general mechanical engineering, gear and transmission technology, compressor and turbine impeller technology and much more.

Independently of expensive CAD software, DEPOCAM enables the generation of NC paths on read-in 3D models in neutral data format (e.g. IGES, STEP) as stand-alone solutions at the programming station or by machine operators directly at the machine. Direct interfaces to the most common CAD applications ensure compatibility with existing CAD/CAM infrastructure.

DEPO CAM offers a wide range of sophisticated, easy to select and understand machining strategies for 3-axis, 3+2 axis, 5-axis simultaneous or 5-axis evasive machining, which can be learnt within 1-5 days depending on the complexity and also put into practice in our technology centre.

We are more than your CAM software supplier. We offer you a holistic concept for your milling process.

The most important DEPOCAM functions

Very user-friendly interface – also suitable for occasional users

DEPOCAM offers many advanced 3D machining routines, rest roughing and 3 + 2 functions for all toolpaths, simultaneous 5-axis add-on module available

Fast and efficient roughing strategies, including core roughing

Advanced drilling routines – with automatic hole detection and/or user-defined holes

All machining routines are fully notch-protected for both the cutter and the toolholder

Your questions & our answers


DEPOCAM was developed in a practice-oriented manner, with the involvement of experienced milling professionals, for process-safe and uncomplicated machine programming. A simple user interface designed with self-explanatory icons enables quick familiarisation. Despite updates and new versions, the DEPOCAM user interface remains visually unchanged, so that an immediate, productive restart is guaranteed even after a longer break in use.

It is possible to define user-dependent default settings to minimise the programming effort for new projects. Additional support is provided by area-independent macro programming and an integrated, intelligent tool database. The latter allows tool management with predefined tool lengths and tool combinations, depending on your machines and materials used.

It is possible to choose between 3-axis, 3+2-axis, 5-axis simultaneous and 5-axis alternate programming, whereby a 3-axis program can subsequently be converted into a 5-axis program with a few clicks.

The user is free to import the geometry data using the standard interfaces IGES, RAW, STL, VDA or to use optional interfaces for CATIA, Pro/E, STEP, SolidWorks, Parasolid and others. DEPO CAM calculates the optimal tool paths quickly and reliably, even on complex geometries and surfaces.

You benefit from the experience of DEPO application engineers who work with DEPOCAM every day and provide you with professional advice and support. We support you in programming special cases or in choosing the right tool for your machining task.

The independence from CAD systems is further expanded. It is now possible to derive auxiliary geometries such as guide curves or surface extensions for tool guidance directly in the CAM system without having to take the cumbersome route via an additional CAD system. This means less programming downtime due to data transfer, no additional use of auxiliary capacity – the optimal stand-alone solution.

By incorporating user feedback, we have managed to largely eliminate many inconveniences and problems as the version progresses, so that DEPOCAM is now one of the most advanced and widely accepted programming systems in our industry. This approach keeps the software practical and user-oriented even after the implementation of new machining strategies, so that they are also used willingly and effectively.

With DEPOCAM, macro programming is possible. This simplifies and speeds up the creation of NC programs to 1-2 mouse clicks. Using this feature results in a huge time advantage over other programming methods. Highly complex sequences can be automated and working with macros also makes these programming steps child’s play. Our CAM customers notice a great improvement in the handling of the software and a reduction in the error rate due to programming errors.

DEPOCAM contains a variety of analysis tools for radii, angles or residual material that provide tool- and strategy-defining information at the touch of a button. Time-consuming and perhaps incomplete individual analyses of the workpiece geometry are spared, and a suitable tool or the optimal machining strategy is found in no time.

Overlooked holes in the workpiece geometry always lead to the destruction of expensive tools and damage to the final contour of the workpiece due to uncontrolled dipping. This can be avoided with the new function “Close holes”. This extremely practical function closes either all bores at once, or only certain types via filter control. This eliminates the need for time-consuming hole search and analysis, and unproductive machine downtime due to “hole problems” is a thing of the past. An absolute must-have for trouble-free production.

Machine simulation and the immediate graphic representation of the tool paths enable the programmer to see immediately where things are getting tight in the machine room. This visualisation of critical areas enables collision-free programming, taking into account tool, fixture and machine geometry. A target-actual comparison of the machining model immediately provides information about where there is still residual material and where machining is still required. This makes DEPOCAM one of the most comfortable and safest CAM software. A guaranteed success factor for all branches of milling, whether mould and die making, tool making, mechanical engineering, gear production or energy technology.

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Customer testimonials

“DEPOCAM convinces with easy usability and fast programming. However, DEPO’s excellent support, both technical and sales-related, and its permanent availability deserve special mention.”

Böllhoff Automation GmbH - Germany - Markus Winkler

“Clear, agile software with fast calculation and also very reliable and safe. With DEPOCAM, we have been able to reduce the staff effort in cam programming by 40%. With support available at all times and the close cooperation with DEPO, we are able to continuously develop our staff and constantly optimize our processes.”

Hispamoldes SA – Spain

“DEPOCAM is very easy to learn and use. With the added versatility, we as a service provider can respond very quickly new orders from our customers. We can say that our profitability has been almost 100%.”

BIG MAQ Lda – Portugal - Adan Castro

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