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3 reasons for DEPO tool holders



DEPO tool holders are slim and yet very stable holder constructions. We are aware of the problem of the often difficult accessibility of machining points at great depths and on almost vertical walls of die and mould making and have adapted our tool holder geometry precisely to this.


Assortment size

The DEPO range includes holders for clamping all common types of tools for milling and drilling operations.


Period of use

Selected materials increase the service life of our tool holders and ensure fullest precision in the milling process. The best repeatability and protection against external wear make our tool holders special.

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Our tool holders in detail



Stable tool holders for an optimal connection between machine and cutting tool

Stable tool holders for an optimal connection between machine and cutting tools

High achievable concentricity and axial run-out accuracy with high surface quality

Increased load capacity and stability due to larger interface diameters

Consistent balancing quality, even at higher cutting speeds and higher rotational speeds

For the highest quality results through maximum precision and machining quality with high productivity and economic efficiency

Extensive standard portfolio with good mobility and large selection

Premium tool for particularly demanding machining tasks

Reliable high-quality results

Machining expert for over 30 years

Why tool holders from DEPO?

Tool holders from DEPO stand for highest precision, best results and durability. Because we know how much influence the connection between the machine and the cutting tool has on the milling result. If you are looking for slim and yet very stable tool holders, DEPO is the right choice. DEPO knows the problem of the often difficult accessibility of machining points in great depths and on almost vertical walls of die and mould making and has adapted its tool holder geometry precisely for this.

Our tool holders bring the spindle power right up to the cutting edge and fix the tool so that it cannot be loosened by the cutting torque that occurs. The achievable radial and axial run-out accuracy is an important quality feature with a significant effect on the surface quality and service life of the cutting edge. At higher cutting speeds and the associated higher rotational speeds, the balance quality also gains in importance in terms of milling quality and spindle service life. Additional properties such as repeat accuracy, wear resistance, angular accuracy of the functional surfaces such as the face contact, possibility of internal coolant supply, rigidity, bending load capacity and damping properties are just some of the features that our tool holders have in the highest quality and lead to decisive advantages in the application.

In addition to the common DIN ISO sizes of the SK steep taper and HSK hollow shank taper, the SK50 face contact systems from DEPO deserve special attention. Additionally fixed to the spindle nose by clamping screws and supported by a large face contact, these systems for screw-in milling cutters and slip-on milling cutters enable stable, low-vibration machining even on older machines at very great depths.

For special challenges in terms of working depth and accessibility with commercially available standard holders, DEPO offers a simple and targeted solution with the short shank system. The modular and precise design via extensions and holders for shrinking or for screw-in cutters extends the limits of modern manufacturing in a highly productive and stable way right into the smallest and deepest corner of the workpiece.

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